Laboratory Analysis

Have you ever asked yourself?

  1. How do you know if these vitamins are working?
  2. What should I take and how much do I need?
  3. What diet should I follow?
  4. Are these symptoms just because I’m getting older?


What is Laboratory Analysis

Laboratory Analysis helps doctors diagnose medical conditions so that they can be monitored and treated. Many problems can be recognized in the blood long before any symptoms are experienced.

We can answer all these questions and more with our 60-point laboratory analysis partnered with “Science-Based Nutrition”. Science-Based Nutrition is an organization of doctors dedicated to providing the highest level of nutritional analysis, hoping to revolutionize healthcare.


Why is Laboratory Analysis important?

Laboratory analysis is important because they’re one of the most reliable tools for the prevention of disease. They can help optimize the health of your body and promote healing and repairing. Using these tests, doctors are able to see if you have nutritional deficiencies and can make recommendations for proper supplementation and dietary changes and can monitor your progress. Laboratory analyses can also indicate if you are progressing towards serious illness, such as cancer, diabetes, heart, liver, and many more diseases.


Receive your detailed analysis from anywhere in the world as fast as 2 to 3 business days once we receive your test sample!


Color Coded Test Results

The Science-Based Nutrition report gives you a patient friendly visual aid documenting the patient’s laboratory results.
Yellow is warning, Red is danger!,  Blue is emergency!


Take a look at a sample:



Early detection and correction are the keys to a healthy life.


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